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    Osirix and FileMaker Pro 13


      Is it possible to access a DICOM file "images ou video" that is stored with OSIRIX, using a filemaker database?

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          Not natively; you can't embed the .dcm data directly in a layout, for example. But you can export the .dcm files and open them in OsiriX pretty easily.


          We have a scanning electron microscope that produces .dcm images. It also generates .tiff thumbnail previews. Our lab techs upload both the .dcm file and the thumbnail preview. The thumbnail is what we use in layouts.


          To actually view the DICOM data, we export the data to a temp location on the user's computer and have it open automatically. Assuming OsiriX is installed on the user's machine, the scan then opens up in OsiriX. It looks something like this in the script:


          Set Variable [ $tempPath; Value:Get ( TemporaryPath ) & SemData::dicomData ] // using the container field in the text string gets the filename of the container data, eg "sem20140812002.dcm"

          Export Field Contents [SemData::dicomData; "$tempPath"] // there's also a "filemac:" or "filewin:" prepended here, not shown, and "open automatically" is checked.


          I should say that this arrangement is not ideal. Our files can get quite large, and this takes time to copy all over the network. Also, OsiriX really wants to manage albums, so by default, it will constantly ask if you want to copy the image into its library. You can suppress this under Preferences > Database > File Import in OsiriX, and if you have a lot of clients, you can sync OsiriX preferences over the network. But it does require this extra layer of management.


          Does this help at all?

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            Tks Johnny.


            I don't know... but i will check your tips...


            Tks again.

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              We do a similar export of DCM files saved in VetFM Containers . . . but also the reverse.


              In cases where folks don't have (or want) a PACS system, we have FileMaker (and VetFM) running on the DR imaging computer and drag and drop images into VetFM direct.  Varies by vendor if they will allow that.



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                You can use the web server embedded in Osirix and display the study in a web viewer in Filemaker Pro

                Here are the steps:

                - create a web viewer window

                - go to Osirix->Preferences->Web Server

                - activate it if not yet active

                - copy the IP and port

                - go to your web viewer

                - type:http://yourOsirixWebserverIP:yourOsirixport

                -You'll get the Osirix Web server Homepage:

                Schermata 2015-08-17 alle 16.57.25.png

                Now you can navigate the portal to find your study:

                Schermata 2015-08-17 alle 16.59.15.png

                You can goto a selected study bypassing this screen performing a query assuming you have in the Filemaker DB the patient name or  ID: http://yourOsirixIP:yourOsirixport/studyList?search=yourpatientsurname+yourpatientname

                or http://yourOsirixIP:yourOsirixpor/studyList?searchID=yourID

                Here is an example in Filemaker:

                Schermata 2015-08-17 alle 17.08.05.png

                In this example it's a video

                You can choose in Osirix->Preferences->Web Server QuickTime or Flash as preferred viewer

                Hope this Helps