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Errors Exporting Container Data

Question asked by MattLeach on Aug 13, 2014
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I apologize in advance for the length of this post. Using a combination of TwainSave and FileMaker, i've implemented a scanning solution into our database that has been functioning flawlessly for 2 years. The database is FM13 hosted by FM13 Server.


A little background on how it works:

TwainSave is a command line utility that calls the scanner using a batch file with a few parameters (more info here: I have a batch file setup that calls my particular scanner and saves the scan into c: empimage.tif. Everything being scanned is a TIF group 4.


There is a script which is called with a click of a button:


Send Event ["aevt"; "odoc"; "scan.bat"]

Pause/Resume Script [indefinitely]


Go to Field [Documents::image]

Insert Picture ["image.tif"]


The document gets scanned and placed into the container field and all is good. The container field is stored externally, relative to [hosted location]/Files/Documents/ and is using Secure storage.


In the future if anyone wants to view the document, they simply click a button to view it which runs the following script:


Set Variable [$temppath; Value:Get ( TemporaryPath )]

Export Field Contents [Documents::image; "image.tif"; Automatically open]


Recently we've added another computer to do some scanning which uses the same exact process, however there is an issue.


page document that gets scanned in from the new computer, no other computer can view the document. Single page documents work just fine. When i click the button to view which runs the script to export it to temp path and open, i get an error stating: "Container fields cannot be exported". If i right click in the container field, the export option is greyed out. However, this DOES NOT happen on the computer that it was scanned in from.


It does not matter which user does the scanning, as long as it is done from the new computer, no other computer can view it.


Now if i take that multipage document and export it from the computer it was scanned in from, then open that exported document into an image editor and save it (which basically saves only the first page) it then works on other machines.


The only difference between the new scanning computer and the existing scanning computer is that the existing one is Windows 7 Pro 32-bit and the new one is Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit.


For troubleshooting this is what i have done:

  1. Ive scanned the same document from bother machines and viewed the container field data as text to see if there are any differences:


from existing machine:





from new machine:






2. I've scanned the document natively without TWAINSave with the scanner utility and imported the image into the container, no change


At this point my only assumption is to chalk it up to an issue with Windows 8.1