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Transitioning clients from other software to a Filemaker solution - general tips, approaches or principles?

Question asked by cosmocanuck on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by coherentkris

Hi all! I'm a moderately experienced FMP developer who's about to tackle a new project that's quite an order of magnitude bigger than what I've worked on before. And while it is an exciting jump and a great learning/growing opportunity, I naturally have some questions and concerns that spring from my lack of much experience with this kind of project.


One of them is the simple fact that my client will need to transition from their current, ill-suited software, to my FMP solution - but as seamlessly as possible and without losing important data now stored in the old software.


I'm certain of one thing - exporting from one and importing to the other will be a job in itself and fraught with unexpected hazards and surprises.


I'm wondering if there are any "best practices" or general approaches that others have used when having to do this. How do you transition your client from their current system to your shiny new Filemaker one, as painlessly as possible?