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Auto sizing text in fields and merge fields

Question asked by Licorice on Aug 15, 2014
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I am running into problems with text field/merge field design.


I am working on a substantial legacy solution that contains some fields that have long text paragraphs. When I set the fields (or merge fields) to auto sizing with anchors so that it will show larger when the user has a larger monitor, I have noticed that the text does not abbreviate correctly at the end of a line. E.g.: "Indifference" at the end of a line becomes "Indi" new line "fference". When I started hunting for the cause, I noticed that it has in fact nothing to do with the resizing. It just happens across the board.


Has anybody seen this same phenomenon while working in a legacy solution? Any suggestions on how to get rid of this?


Here are some things I tried:


-Cut the text, paste it back in with "paste as text only"

-Perform a replace with the contents of "self", adding "Remove formatting"

-As above, with adding "Remove styles"

-Pasted the text in a word processor to look for weird characters (pasted both as is and as unformatted text).

-Checked themes of the layouts to make sure it is not Classic (which does not play nice with the new user interface features)



The only thing that seems to rectify the problem is to cut and paste the text into a brand new fmp13 built database text field.


This does not make me happy as I am redoing this solution in its original context, after upgrading from fp5 to fp7 and from fp7 to fmp12. I am using one of upgraded files as a starting point for the new design.