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Field based Value List

Question asked by MattLeach on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by dmb_fmp

I have a table that stores employees.


Currently it contains 2 fields, name and supervisor. The supervisor field is a checkbox to indicate the employee is a supervisor. Boolean checkbox with value of 1 if checked.


What i am trying to do is create a value list containing a list of just the employees that are supervisors for use in another table.


My thought was to create a constant in my employees table, lets say zz_const_super and set this field to 1. Then create a TO called Supervisors and join it to the employee table as so:

Supervisors::supervisor = employees::zz_const_super


Then base the value list off of Supervisors::Name field, however this returns a list of all the employees, not those just marked supervisor.


Is this a step in the right direction on how to accomplish what i need or am i completely off base?