New FM Weetbicks article - Proper Printing in WebDirect

Discussion created by weetbicks on Aug 15, 2014
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Hi all, a long time in dev but finally posted an article about printing in WebDirect. I recently did a big WebDirect deployment where an absolute requirement was that users could run complex reports via WebDirect. So we set about building a solution to this. For the article I've turned into an exaple file / framework to try and make it as easy as possible to integrate into other solutions.


Check it out here: http://www.teamdf.com/weetbicks/231/proper-printing-in-webdirect


Cheers! Here is the abstract below:


FileMaker WebDirect is the exciting new replacement to Instant Web Publishing. With it you can access your database via a web browser and do *almost* all of the things that you can do in FileMaker Pro. However proper printing is not one of them. In this article we present a framework and example file for doing proper printing via WebDirect - from basic record printing to complex sub-summary reports and more...