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    Export .xlsx to a host


      I want to have Filemake Go save an Excel spreadsheet to a host computer. The spreadsheet just needs to be overwriten each time they press a button. I've not had any success in making this work at all.

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          You can do this using Perform Script On Server. (Assuming the "host" in question is FileMaker Server.) Or did you mean something other than that?

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            I would like to to use my computer as a Host machine. I have a guy in the warehouse here that I would like to be able to scan barcodes on his iPhone and/or iPad. Hit a button and have the excel spredsheet with the barcode numbers appear in on my computer. Overwriting the existing file is prefered.

            We have a program here that looks in one place for one excel file that process the paperwork. We are currently using an old Symbol Scanner that while it works it frequently has issues. I use Filmaker for our techs in the field to email reports in and thought this might work to help get rid of the the scanner but I can't seem to get the file from the iPad straight to my computer.

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              You can do this using an OnTimer script on your host computer. Set it to fire off every so many minutes (whatever frequency works for you). Have the iPad deposit the bar code value into a new record and have the host computer's OnTimer script look for a new record in that table when it fires off. If a new record is present, just export the new Excel spreadsheet.

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                That was easy enough to make that work and will work well enough. Thanks.