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Discussion created by PeterWindle on Aug 19, 2014
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So sorry, I'm new to the whole webdirect thing, so if I seem a little lost, I humbly apologize.


The enclosed screen snap shot shows the difference between what a file looks like in FileMaker and what a file looks like in web-direct...


Within web direct, my record dissapears, my local graphics in a container dissapears and it all looks very wrong.


Also... yes, I understand that I can not use custom menus in web direct, but I don't want the user to perform a "find", is this possible to switch it off??


Those menus are not suitable for this solution at all, ideally, I'd like to remove all of them.


Suggestions on what might be wrong here...?

Note that this solution is using data separation, I'm hoping this is not a problem. Note also that the missing logo in webdirect is local to the "interface" file.