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    More questions about Webdirect


      So sorry, I'm new to the whole webdirect thing, so if I seem a little lost, I humbly apologize.


      The enclosed screen snap shot shows the difference between what a file looks like in FileMaker and what a file looks like in web-direct...


      Within web direct, my record dissapears, my local graphics in a container dissapears and it all looks very wrong.


      Also... yes, I understand that I can not use custom menus in web direct, but I don't want the user to perform a "find", is this possible to switch it off??


      Those menus are not suitable for this solution at all, ideally, I'd like to remove all of them.


      Suggestions on what might be wrong here...?

      Note that this solution is using data separation, I'm hoping this is not a problem. Note also that the missing logo in webdirect is local to the "interface" file.

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          Follow the optimization suggestions from posts in this forum and other web sources.

          Google FileMaker Web Direct optimazation.

          Here is an essential video IMHO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS_8z9B95ic


          In a nutshell...

          Design a seperate interface file just for WebDirect.

          Any file that this file touches must also have web direct enabled. That could explain the <file missing>

          Avoid conditional formatting.

          Pay attention to layered controls as they do not function as in FileMaker Pro.

          Keep the layouts as lightweight as possible for data and objects.

          Leverage themes to keep CSS transfer traffic to a minimum.


          Why would you not want a user to perform a find? and no i dont think you can turn it off.


          Good luck and have fun.



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            Thank you so much for your reply...


            Separate interface file, that's where I'm heading

            the file that it's touching... you're spot on here. I had it accessing the file using an account that it was not logging in with.


            I've also discovered the reason why it kept telling me that the number of concurrent users had exceeded, despite the fact there was only 1 user, it was because the session was closing off too early.


            Layouts are KISS...


            As for the "find", if I control the user find functions, I can control what records they should or should not be able to see. If I can't control the find, I need to setup some incredibly complicated account settings.



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              Just disable the menu and make a scripted interface with buttons

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                Too easy! Must have missed that one... ok, now it's slowly coming together!




                Thank you everyone!


                Slightly different mode of thinking, but it's not too bad.


                The toughest thing is controlling the user access to what tables they can get access to - from the "interface" file, they should only be able to see limited information, however, this information is spread accross multiple tables, so I want them to gain access to those fields and NOT everything else, so the account that logs them in does all this, however, it is abit of mucking about.

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                  In the long run you will likely have an easier time if you design for WebDirect and then use that Ui for everything - you can see an example of this approach in our Deskspace new App - which you will find looks pretty near identical on Mac, PC or iOS in a FM client or a browser.


                  Accessing the Deskspace new App:

                  from a web browser:


                  from Filemaker Pro:

                  from an iOS device using the Free FileMaker Go 13 App - available from the Apple App Store
                     from the Home page create a host at - which you can name Trafalgar
                     select file dApp_0070



                  The best method I have found of controlling the Ui is to create a layout on which you put an example of the default style of every layout object - then edit the objects to match the defaults you want and save each as default.


                  Save your custom Theme.


                  Now start to build a Ui.


                  Create a style naming system which displays the changes from default you have used is each case.


                  Taking the time to do this will save you loads of time in the future.


                  Remember that it is possible to corrupt the Theme you are developing - it has happened to me - so save a copy of your Theme regularly.


                  Remember that the current insertion of a field label from the insert menu and the field picker will add an incorrect style to any layout and thus you need to set these labels immediately to one of your styles.


                  Cheers, Nick