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    Subsummary report prints blank page in Go


      I have a subsummary report that works nicely on the desktop but produces a blank page in Go.


      When I go to that layout and produce the report manually, from within Go, everything works. When I use a script I get a blank page.


      There is no body part in the report, so a blank page suggests that I'm not sorting by any of the summary break fields. However, the script prints nicely from a desktop, so the breakfields must be correct.


      It occurred to me that the user privilege set was not allowed to use that layout but they have "view only" access to all layouts. They also have read/write privileges on all the data.

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          Are you running the Script with full access privileges?  I find this helps when FM Go acts quirky.

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            No I'm not. I'll give it a try. 


            I'm not hopeful because I get  the same result as the other users when I log in with full access account.

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              changing the script to run with full access didn't make any difference but I have found the cause and the solution.


              The cause of the problem, the Print step didn't include any settings so the print dialog box was using whatever settings were in place. On the desktop, my print settings default to "Print Records being Browsed." On the iPhone it defaulted to "Print Current Record." So, I've specified "print records being browsed" in the options area and it is working properly now in Go.


              thanks for your suggestion.

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                Stephen Huston

                Ah... the joys of print settings on client machines. I ran into a similar quirk with a newly installed solution at a library. A previous user on the client machine had run a script which went to preview mode on a special print layout, but left the print dialog options to the user, and they wanted only the last page, so they chose Print page 3 of 3.


                The next session on that client machine, a user couldn't print from a one-record found set because there was no page 3, and they didn't check the print settings dialog box which retained with the last session's print options.


                So much for leaving the print dialog box settings up to the user each time...

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                  I imagine that every team at FMI has to assign a person whose

                  responsibility is to ensure the rest of the team is always made aware

                  they should never do anything that impinges on the printing system. How

                  else can we explain it's stability through every version ever made


                  I'd love to see a mini "print settings" which presents just the

                  FileMaker components of the print dialog. This would allow us to specify

                  that printing should always begin in "current record" or "found set"

                  mode without bringing in a lot of other baggage. How often, when you're

                  developing - even delivering - a solution, can assign a printer? In

                  large workplaces you're often outside the network, or inside but on a

                  different subnet because there is a spare desk there, or you spend the

                  time to install the drivers for the printers and then discover that you

                  don't have credentials for them.



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                    Stephen Huston

                    Yep, I like the stability idea.