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    The pop-up field bug that just may break my back


      Hi all,


      I just finished upgrading a v10 solution for a group of attorneys to v13. It was going well until I moved the newly converted DB to my test/dev server. Now, nearly all pop-up and dropdown menus are exhibiting a behavior where as soon as a value is selected, the user sees <unrelated table> and the value gets Reselected in the value list.


      I uploaded a movie of it to:



      The field has no calculations and there are no triggers anywhere on the layout. I reset the theme to Aspire>Enlightened.


      The pulldown menu is from a table that doesn't need to be related and I've created four different value lists INCLUDING JUST A SIMPLE LIST WITH TEXT VALUES, AND IT STILL ACTS UP.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,