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    Custom label sizes


      I'm setting up layouts for a Zebra printer that will use three different layouts (the user loads the appropriate label spool). While FileMaker does a nice job of preloading many common Avery labels, I've always found setting custom sizes to be a pain.


      I have the label dimensions (see attached). But even after setting up the custom label size and paper size it doesn't work. I spend a lot of time and labels doing trail and error


      Am I making this harder than it needs to be? Is there a quick way to do this?


      To make it more challenging, it seems to me that there are thee variables that can be tweaked:


      1. Label Setup

      2. Part Setup

      3. Page Setup


      (See attached).


      If anyone has any recommendations, particularly when setting up a Zebra or other label printer, I'd love to hear them.



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          If misery loves company, Dan, I too have always found these types of non-standard label sizes to be difficult to set up. The place where I've had the best trial-and-error luck is in your last screenshot, the custom paper size. In particular, I find it helpful to lie about the actual label size.

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            We have hundreds of Dymos using our software.

            Labels are always a pain but we have learned to deal with things.

            We don't use Zebras but be aware there may be implied margins on the output.

            We have Windows, Mac and iPad labels with scripts for printing.


            Unfortunately, no silver bullet that we're aware of (but would be delighted if one existed).

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              1. define paper. it is ok in width but height should be 1.625

              if you can't use 3digit on fraction, use x2=3.25

              2. define part. header is not need. body height should be 1.625.

              3. define label. you have 3 accross, so width should be 2.25/3=0.75in. height is 1.625. set all margin to 0.

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                Thanks to everyone.  It has taken some time, but in the end what we decided to do is use a third party label maker called Nice Label.  It appears that my client can design the template in Nice Label and export data from FMP to Nice Label.


                Nice Label is Windows only.  They are predominately Mac users but they do have a Windows laptop.  And really, the Nice Label software only needs to be on one computer, connected to the Zebra printer.


                I'll be curious to see how this performs as I have found making labels in FileMaker, outside of the standard Avery, to be cumbersome.