FileMaker Server 13 not on LAN, admin console reporting a self-assigned IP address

Discussion created by atmospherical on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by johnnyb

Last night the admin of the Windows Server 2012 host environment promoted the box to be an Active Directory PDC and FileMaker Server stopped working (couldn't even connect to admin console webpage). I removed FM Server, rebooted the box, and reinstalled. FM Server still does not work.


Possible clues:


Netstat reports that the FM Server ports are "established" on the box's correct static IP address


I can use LogMeIn to remote in and control the box


I can get to Admin Console in a session on the local machine using the correct static IP, but not from any other machine on the network


Admin Console reports that the databases are all hosted and open


FileMaker Pro clients can't see databases


I get nothing when port scanning FileMaker ports on the correct static IP address


Admin Console Status page is showing a self-assigned address instead of the box's correct static IP address



I am baffled and the box's administrator is shrugging his shoulders because he knows nothing of FM Server. Any suggestions?