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Seeking Confirmation: Minimum version 13 won't open on FMS12

Question asked by JoelShapiro on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by keywords

Hi all


It's my understanding that there shouldn't be any problem accessing a file hosted on FMS12 with an FMP13 client, and that FMP13 features (popovers, etc.) will work fine — as long as there are no server-related FMP13 features used (e.g. Perfrom Script on Server).


On my dev setup, when I set a file to be "Minimum version allowed to open this file: [13.0]" and upload it to FMS12, I get a "Warning: File uploaded but could not be opened." The log shows Error 106 "Database 'x' could not be opened. Database version incompatible; try opening in FileMaker Pro."


Is this expected behavior? If so, can anyone foresee any issues keeping the minimum version at 12 & using an old-fashioned on-open script to check that client is 13.0 or above? (In this situation, there's no risk of anyone with FMP12A overriding the script step)