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    Import order on Server scheduled import script


      FileMaker Server 13, FileMaker Pro Advanced

      when creating a import script to be run on the server, I believe i have the path figured out ok for accessing the file to import from, but my question is what is the procedure for setting up the "Specify Import Order" (Source File is a Tab delimited file)


      The import file is on the server but the script is being written on a remote FileMaker Pro Advanced Desktop.

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          Not sure I did the proper thing, but what i did was:

          1) put a copy of the source file on my local machine.

          2) setup  the import as if it was using the local source file.

          3) assigned the script order.

          4) used the path variable i had setup for the server based source file:

              Set Variable [$filepath; Get(DocumentsPath) & "FMWinShare/OrdNumbs.txt"]

          5) "added" that path variable to the 'Specify Data Source' in the Import setup


          I tested to make sure it was using the server based source file by renaming the local one and modifying the server based one to make sure the import was working properly.


          Seems to be working fine on the server using the scheduler.