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Discussion created by isdbiz on Aug 21, 2014
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Our team has been analysing Web Direct for a few months now and we have discovered a lot of useful information that will help us transition from IWP to Web Direct, but we still cannot figure out why Web Direct is so slow. We have a single server installation running Windows Server 2008 and FileMaker Server Advanced 13 with the latest FileMaker update. We decided to use the Bonsai.fmp12 file to test the performance of a basic Web Direct solution. Our results were disappointing. Searching through the records is noticably slow, with less than 500 records. Clicking into text boxes or selecting check boxes and radio buttons is not smooth and can go unnoticed by Web Direct.


Are there specialized optimization instructions for the Network and Server environment for Web Direct, other than the minimum requirements in the User Guide? We are looking forawd to using a version of Web Direct that performs at leaset as fast as IWP.



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