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ODBC on FMS13 on Windows Server (xDBC Listener process has terminated abnormally.)

Question asked by alas on Aug 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by cbishop

I have two FMS 13 servers. One is Mac. One is Windows. SyncDek syncs the two databases across those two machines using ODBC. Periodically, without a set schedule or pattern, I get errors from SyncDek that it cannot sync. It turns out that the Windows Server shows the following error in the activity log (xDBC Listener process has terminated abnormally). And the ODBC switch in the Admin Console is not checked (grey, not blue). If I reclick the switch, it turns back on and works as planned.


Anyone else epxeriencing this and come up with any solutions?


I have a service running on the Windows Server to check for the ODBC port crashing, but it never goes off. It's only FMS 13 on Windows Server that keeps throwing this error.