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Question about matching in portals ?

Question asked by bartprins on Aug 24, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2014 by erolst

Hi there,


Don't really know what kind of title is should have given this question

But i have the following question, i've made an example database which perhaps makes it more visual.


I have a couple of tables; Clients, Maximum and Production. Per client i will recievce a maximum ammount of production i can charge to a client. This data is received from a third party.

I've made a layout where all three tables are visible so i can see directly while adding production whether this exceeds the ammount of maximum billable production.


I would like to have a popup, or conditional formatting or something else which makes it visible for me wheter i exceed the maximum for that product and by how much it exceeds.


However by working with two portals i don't have a clue how to script this.


Any help is appreciated ! Thank you reading !


Much oblidged



Bart Prins