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Importing a file with an incosistant format

Question asked by siddhant530 on Aug 24, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by beverly

Hi. I'm really new to filemaker. i have used other databases such as SQL and mySQl in the past but im not very familiar with filemaker. My internship requires me to use filemaker and im struggling with importing the data into the databse. I have certain fields with the layout and i have also been provided with an excel spreadsheet that needs to be imported into the database. But the porblem with the spreadsheet is that it is really badly formatted with missing columns and skewed rows as well. The first line is not the names of the columns and there are some blank rows as well. Also i would like to ignore some of the records since they are repeats. I know that the question might be too generic but is there a way to tackle this and ignore the blank rows and columns and also to ignore the repeat records. According to what i have been reading, this would be possible through scripts. What woud be a sample script for this and what would be the best resource for finding the code for this certain script?