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Difficulty with SQL

Question asked by herby on Aug 25, 2014
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I'm a new user on day 13 of a 30 day trial version of Filemaker Pro13 trying to adapt the ready made FMP Solution "Invoices" for use as a Jobs Register. I'm having reasonable success but have hit a snag with SQL (a language with which I'm not familiar).


The Dashboard in my Jobs Register file is not playing ball. The problems are:


(a) The additions of jobs by Staus [type] (In Progress, Completed, Stock, No Charge, Internal) are correct provided that they were started in the current year. If a job was started in 2013 or earlier it's value is not included in the type's [Status] total. (Refer record #1 starter 30/6/13).


(b) When selecting "All" records, the total field shows up as a "?".


The Invoices solution template was designed to handle current month/year records however, it is necessary that our Jobs Register is capable of displaying all records since we commenced operations.


Beechworth Men's Shed is a not-for-profit association run for and by old guys like myself. I've set up good working systems for job costing, membership, assets register etc. using Google Docs however they depend for maintenance on yours truly and I'm not getting any younger (I'm 79). Hence the desire to set up systems that require little maintennce and for which others can be readily trained. Filemake Pro is a great platform and seems to be the way to go. The costs of the two or three licenses is straining our resources hence the time I'm spending at present adapting Invoices as a Job register is so that I can convince my colleagues that the money will be well spent. If you can help it will be very much appreciated.


The attached file "Job Regiser Ver 6.fmp12" is still a work-in-progress as you will see however, it is hoped that it will give you an insight into what I'm attempting the do.


Hope to hear from someone soon.


Best wishes,