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    Notifications using OS X


      At DevCon I mentioned that providing feedback was a great way to keep the user informed. There was a recent post about the slide panel technique and in replying to that I noticed I could not add an attachment. So thought I would post this file here for everyone.


      At first I was also enamoured by the slide panel technique. But then I noticed that for it to work you need to pause your script just enough so that you can read the message. Not that big of a deal but if the user likes to go from one task to another I have noticed that you can get the solution to be in a paused state.


      Then Simon gave me an AppleScript example that uses the OS notifications system to provide the feedback - and I appologize that I don't have the windows equivalent but I am hoping some windows expert on this list will provide the windows equivalent of this.

      Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 7.27.13 AM.png

      The reason I like the OS notifications solution is that it can get dispatched and your script doesn't need to have a pause step in it. Minimun version required on the Mac is 10.9.


      Windows also has something very similar and you coudl use that. Again hoping that a windows expert will post a similar example.