Providing Feedback - using animated gifs

Discussion created by vince.menanno on Aug 27, 2014

Most of my talk at DevCon revolved around designing for performance. But the first part of the talk I showed how important it is to provide feedback to users. We still don't have a way to show a native progress bar of our own with FileMaker but there is an interesting intersection with Perform Script on Server and providing users with feedback that something is going on.


Sometimes even a little annimated gif goes a long way to give the user the feedback they need.


So here is a cool lttle example of putting an animated gif into a web viewer using a custom function that Donovan came up with.


Now if you combine this with an object visibility calculation and have the server update that to show or not show as the task is running on the server you effectively have a way to provide your users feedback that a task is running.


NOTE: Showing this web viewer while a local script is running won't annimate because when the script is running it doesn't allow for things to refresh. So this example is really intended to be used with PSoS.


You can see this technique in action in our "What are your imports waiting for" blog post. But you'll have to host the file to see it in action.


Enjoy - Vince