FileMaker Developer Community Challenge #001a: expand or clip that text XPOST

Discussion created by TonyWhite on Aug 27, 2014

Hi All,


We thought the Developer Cup challenge at DevCon 2014 was very clever.


Thus inspired, this question is part of the newly created ³FileMaker

Developer Community Challenge² series...


Here is ³FileMaker Developer Community Challenge² #001a:



  • Starting with a font label that has been placed on the layout in OS X with

a ³flags² attribute of ³0² within the TextObj subnode as show in the layout





  • The bounding box has been made to fit snuggly by applying/toggling bold

and (un)bold

  • Text is left justified

  • Using a font that is wider on Windows 7 than on OS X 10.8


Challenge: Determine if the text will get clipped on Windows 7 or will

expand as needed.


Help: You can ask anyone you want.


Time limit: first place goes to the first person with the correct answer.

Extra credit if you answer for iOS and WebDirect as well.


Prize: recognition on this list of your skill in addressing this challenge.


All the best,



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