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    FileMaker Developer Community Challenge #001b: reset back to <TextObj flags="0"> XPOST


      Hi All,


      We thought the Developer Cup challenge at DevCon 2014 was very clever.


      Thus inspired, this question is part of the newly created ³FileMaker

      Developer Community Challenge² series...


      Here is ³FileMaker Developer Community Challenge² #001b:



      • Starting with a font label that has been placed on the layout in OS X and

      that currently has a ³flags² attribute of ³2² within the TextObj subnode as

      show in the layout XML. (because it has been resized)...




      Challenge: Find the easiest way to reset


      Help: You can ask anyone you want including the engineers who wrote the



      Time limit: sooner is better than later.


      Prize: recognition on this list of your skill in addressing this challenge.


      All the best,



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