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    Perform Sort Layout/Scripts


      First let me say this forum is great. Wonderful folks out there offering great advice. Every problem I have had has been solved quickly!


      So another....


      I need to build a controlled SORT environment. Our tables have 100's of fields but we do not want to expose these to the end user - too complex, too hard to work with and many of the fields are unimportant to the user. So, I would like to build a Sort layout. I envision (or maybe dream) of a list of Sort fields in a box on the left hand. The user selects a field and "moves" it to a box on the right. He can choose Ascend or Descend. And he can move a field up or down to change the sort order. And he can choose do "unmove" the field. Any suggestions? Any starter Scripts? Layouts? Solutions?

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