DEMO FILE - Mobile Printing with FileMaker Go 13 and Mobi Print

Discussion created by JamesWesolowski on Aug 27, 2014

All -


Here is a new blog post with the demo file and video for printing from FileMaker Go 13 to a Zebra iMZ-series mobile printer using the Mobi Print iOS app. Some of you may have seen a demo after my session on FileMaker Go 13 at the 2014 DevCon.




If you have a current hot project with this need, contact Brent or Desirae at Arrowhead Corporation at 480-282-5233 (they are the publishers of Mobi Print) to ask about the availability of a short-term loaner printer. BTW, Colibri Solutions has no financial arrangements with Arrowhead, but if you buy hardware from them they are more likely to keep developing the app with FileMaker-specific features.




James J. Wesolowski
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