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    slide panels automatic in slide control window


      How to slide panels automatically in some time interval having different images in slide control.


      please help me out , i tried alot but didn't get any result.


      i used layout script trigger for this but no any result found.


      give me suggetion how could this happen when i entered in given layout.

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          Assuming this is a layout like a DashBoard that it's sole purpose is to run through some pics.....


          you could name each slide panel 1, 2, 3, 4 etc... then run a script like:


          Allow User Abort [On] // to be able to cancel

          Set Variable [$total; Value:4] // total slide panels

          Set Variable [$count; Value:1] // first slide panel

          Go to Object [Object Name: $count]


               Set Variable [$count, Value: $count + 1]

               If [$count > $total] //last slide panel

                    Set Variable [$count; Value:1] // goes back to first

               End If

               Pause/Resume Script [Duration(seconds): 2] //time interval between pics/slide panels

               Go to Object [Object Name: $count]

          End Loop


          have it as a Layout ScriptTrigger | OnLayoutEnter

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