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    Webviewer - trying to get rid of a footer that wont go away




      I am playing around with a webviewer and some HTML / javascript code and I have run into a strange behavior.


      Inside my webviewer, I have a <canvas> element which I am using to draw some stuff onto. I want the canvas element to take up 100% of the webviewer space. Problem is I seem to have an area at the bottom of the webviewer that it just wont fill, no matter what I try. Has anyone else run into this? Here is what it looks like (see attached image)


      Here is what I have tried:


      All padding set to 0 on the web viewer in filemaker


      Added this to my style in HTML:




      border: 0px;



      width:100%; }



      Any ideas on how I can make that area available for my canvas element to use? Thanks!