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Import fails from workstation (FM12)

Question asked by dew119 on Aug 28, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by mikebeargie

Hello ... (my first post)

Needing some expert eyes ...


Command: "Import" from dropdown File menu ...

Import variables:

Source file: .txt (csv) file with only 1 record

(data exported from a MSWord "Form" doc)

all text (no graphics/containers)

Add or Update records (both tried)

CharSet: WIN(Ansi) or Unicode (both tried)

ArrangedBy: Last Order (360 fields prealligned, saved from previous import)

Server: running FMS12v5, OS: Server 2008

Workstation: OS Win 8, 64 bit

Import record summary:

Total records added/update: 0;

Total records skipped dur to errors: 0

Total fields skipepd due to errors: 0

Table created: 0

Import log: Error 729 Import error ...


This Import works when FM12 db is on local cpu, but not when FM db is hosted on remote ((with FMPro12 or FMS12).

Thanks, in adbvance for any help.

Diane Ward, Healthwealth International, LC