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    How to find where the script has been updated


      Hi Everyone ,


      I Manage Script there lot script as been updated its possible to track where the script as been update because i need to do the documentation for some XXXcompany

      I database design by some one and Script written by some one but both are left this company now i need to do the Documentation for all database there is nearly 38database file in that one more then 10 to 15 tables are there and more then 500 script in each database can any one gudie me how to do the Documentation in filemaker ( with any one can understood to see this documentation )


      if any thirdy party software can do this please update the thirdy party company name ???


      Note : I have check they is not trigger simple in any one the database



      Please do needful





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          Ideally, you'd document each script internally with the Comment step. There is no automatic method of tracking changes.


          If you have old copies of the databases you could use a product like FMDiff which will compare an old version to a newer version of your databases and the differences will be listed.


          If you want, you could also create a change log table in each file and create a new record each time you make a change.