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Create a Backup directory in selected folder location for MAC

Question asked by hjvanes on Aug 31, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2014 by hjvanes

Dear FM PPL,


I am having a nightmare of a headache working on this and finding out what I am doing wrong. Hopefully some person can point it out to me


I am using Base Elements to help select a folder for me.


Then I have written a script that attempts to create folders /BACKUPS/$dayname....etc udner the filepath location selected.


This will work for the PC but I am having some much pain trying to get it to work for the MAC.


If the Filepath is blank then it will create the directory for both PC and MAC under the location the soltuion file is located. No problem and one possibility I do want. The other is that the end user selects the location they want the BACKUPS directory to occur. This will work for PC but it just will not seem to create it for the MAC.


I have attached the file with a sample code and was really hoping some one with a fresh set of eyes can have a look at it for me. I do appreciate it and thank you so very much in advance.