Client Delays with FM application

Discussion created by malachydevlin on Sep 1, 2014
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Dear all,

I realise this is not technical but I guessed someone would have come across this before.

I have 2 clinets who ordered Filemaker applications off me quite some time ago. They were quoted and paid a deposit.

I documented the application and did a full requirements analysis for them to sign off. (i usually say that the depoist is basically covering this part - which is vital important but time consuming).

Problem is they just wont bother coming back to me, its nothing sinister but just that they arent really commited to the project, they are mad busy and simply havent bothered.

These 2 clients have left me sitting with a small deposit and thats fine as it covers my time so far but this has been going on for over 12 months and despite many calls and emails they refuse to get back to me.

So I am wondering how to handle this, I cant run my freelance business like this and cant then "down tools" when they feel like it. Also I cant commit to the same price or technology as version change and technologies change.


Really this is an uncommited client and they are hard to spot in advance, I kind of feel the only thing to do is to cancel the project with them and tell them they have paid for what they have got so far.