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Load Balancing - FileMaker PHP

Question asked by dgurusamy on Sep 1, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by dgurusamy

I can see the loadbalancing issue with filemaker server, when i send a multiple request from PHP..


I have some questions below, people who having good knowledge or filemaker developers please calrify..


1. How many connections(Request) we can send to filemaker server from php at a time ? which one is really managing this kind of request FMS 12 or FMS 13 ?


Note: If I send 2 or 3 request at a time from PHP, then FM Server response time is 50 to 60 seconds.. If I send a single request at a time then server response time is 2seconds.

How do i manage this multiple request with filemaker server. ?



2. Is really filemaker server performing as good backend application ? which one is best filemaker server 12 or FMS 13 ?


3. If I have database with huge data, is filemaker server response is good ?


Thanks in advance!!