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    Menu Bar hide


      I have a startup script that hides the menu bar, hides the tool bar and installs a menu set with no menus. Web direct is ignoring these steps in the startup script and still allowing access to menus. This is a serious security risk! These steps work in regular Filemaker. Is anyone else having this problem?

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          Show/Hide menu bar script step in required

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            Yes that step is there, web direct ignores it!

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              odd, it works for me...?


              mind you, I've used both hide toolbar and hide menu bar, but this is only to keep consistency beteen Filemaker and web...

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                What results do you get when you run your startup script manually?

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                  This only seems to affect a few files, specifically ones that call a script in another file as part of the startup script.  This is interesting, I wrote 2 new scripts one to show the menu bar and one to hide it. If I run them in FMP they work fine.  If I run hide bars in Webdirect it ignores it completely.  However if I run show bars first and then hide bars it hides the menu bar. Problem solved, I need to show them before I can hide them.  Why this works is a mystery. Thanks for pointing making in the right direction

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                    WebDirect does not support custom menus. It only allows you to show or hide the menu bar. I think you're trying to install a custom menu and it's just putting the default WD menu back into place as a result.


                    If you want custom menus, I'd suggest making some out of popovers, which you can style pretty well to at least look like menus.


                    However, I usually develop all of my WD solutions to have button-driven navigation if I'm hiding the menu.

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                      Thanks Mike, I tried a blank custom menu as a last resort and had not realised they were not supported.  Normally I do use button driven navigation but tried installing a blank menu as a last resort to try and hide it.


                      The issue was web direct not hiding the menu bar despite it being in the startup script. (no custom menus involved) This was solved by first showing the menu bar and then hiding it which does work. 

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                        That's a bit suspicious, I have a hide menu script step as the first step in my OnFirstWindowOpen script for most of my WD databases and have never had a problem with it working.


                        Are you sure that the default filemaker menu is set as the default for your file?


                        I would test a new blank file with just that action in the startup to see if it's file specific, or server-wide.


                        The only known issue I know of is that the menu appears briefly before hiding in most cases because the WD "app" is loading before your file is loaded.

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                          Normally it works fine as you suggest, however these particular database are opened by scripts in another database and that is when the issue arises.  Like I say its solved now by showing first and then hiding in the OnFirstWindowOpen script. If I take out the show WD ignores the hide.

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                            Stephen Huston

                            If external scripts are opening the file, those external scripts ned to be calling the OnFirstWindow scripts in the target file or they may not be firing since another script is in progress when the file opens.


                            Files opened via external scripts do not necessarily run their own OnFirstWindow scripts unless specifically called.

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                              Thanks Stephen, the external scripts are calling a script that has the script step hide toolbars in it.  It does not work unless I show the toolbars first.  This is a fact/bug

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                                Stephen Huston

                                Yep, I would call it a bug that you have to use both the Show and Hide steps to get the desired result.