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Sorry for what may be a very basic question, but I'm struggling with this one. I may be including verbose details, but this is for my benefit as much as for yours, since I'm new to Filemaker.


I have just two tables:


Applications - list of applications we develop

User Requests - list of requests for program enhancements or changes ( Note, contains a field called PRIORITY and PORTAL_FILTER )


I have an Application listing and from there the user can navigate to a Manage Applications screen that contains a portal listing all the user requests. So I have a 1 to many relationsship from Applications to User Requests based on a parent and child key.


The user requests table contains a field named "priority" and I want to be able to filter the portal on the Manage Applications screen by based on ALL (show all requests) or the priority. The priority is very simple and is based on just 3 selections from a value list of "High", "Medium", "Low".


Here is what I surmised based on forums searches and readings. I thought it would be pretty simple, but can't get the portal filtered.


1. Add a global field ( Portal_Filter) to the User Requests table and set it to ALL on application startup.


3. I then put a popup field on the layout for the PORTAL_FILTER field with a new value list that has the same priorities as the one for the priority field but also includes ALL.

4. So if they change the PORTAL_FILTER popup from ALL to say MEDIUM, I'm guessing I need to do something to make the portal filter the contents? This is where I don't be able to get anything to happen except for the PORTAL_FILTER global field changing.


Am I on the right track or do I need to approach this differenty.