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    Install on Timer


      So I have a machine that I have decided to have run various scripts with install on timer. The first script workd well.


      I had some idea that I could have multiple windows running each with a timer script running based on the script detials from filemaker. The second window open is locked up every 1 second just like the first. It will not even hold the record it is on. It is as if the script is running in both windows at the same time. Maybe this is just FMP being only a single thread software and there is no time for any other script to run while it is running through the first script every 1 second.


      The first script involves printing and I cannot run it from the server.


      The other scripts I need to run interact with another app that should not be running on the server either and it only needs to run every 30 minutes but has processing time of about 3 minutes every 30 minutes.


      Do I just need another robot client to to do this?


      Has any worked with remote scripter from 360?



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          An OnTimer script running every second is not a good idea. There's probably a better way to handle the issues your trying to solve.

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            I would be happy to explore other options for this script.


            It is for printing labels from iPad without and print dialog and without the page formatting issues from the iPad. Printing from FMP has zero issues with page format. There seems to be no way to print from the iPad without dialog. I have a guy who did an iOS app that runs every second on the iPad that does the same thing to avoid the dialog, but the page format issue persists and I have not got it working just right yet.


            The labels need to be printed on demand from a button press on iPad. With the OnTimer script it is running smoothly, but seems to be a waste of a license and machine, but it is a needed functionality.


            https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/156780#156780   has detils on how the script works. It loops looking for a flag and prints the flagged records.


            I did think about this, but I could not come up with another way to do it.