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Export records to Excel works for Mac OS but not Windows?

Question asked by jamesg on Sep 2, 2014
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Hi All


I've created a script to save records into an Excel document which then is linked through to another spreadsheet that generates a rough but workable gantt style timeline.


The script executes on a Mac perfectly but when I test the script on a Windows PC it doesn't export the records, simply skips directly to opening the linked gantt spreadsheet.


I've got other scripts that do something similar ie export to an Excel document on the server which links to other spreadsheets.


The records saved as Excel go to a file called "raw-timeline-linked-automated.xlsx" which then links to a "automated-timeline-v3.xlsx" by way of linked copied cells. The linked cells on this sheet are Named and the named cells are utilised on a second sheet within the same workbook to generate the gantt style timeline.


Here are the FM script steps:


Set variable [$gantt_filename; value: "raw-timeline-linked-automated.xlsx"]

If [ABS ( Get ( SystemPlatform)) = 1]

Set variable [$$gantt_path_filename; value: "filemac:/Admin volume/critical_paths/" & $gantt_filename] // executes perfectly.


Set variable [$$gantt_path_filename; value: "filewin:/W:/critical_paths/" & $gantt_filename] // records are not saved as excel document

End if

Save Records as Excel [Restore; No dialog; "$$gantt_path_filename"; Records being browsed]

Send Event ["Microsoft Excel"; "aevt"; "odoc"; "automated-timeline-v3.xlsx"]


Any suggestions or comments most gratefully received. Thank you.



Running FMPro13 Advanced on a Mac, FMPro 13 clients all platforms & FMPro Advanced Server 13 on a Mac.