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    Two-machine deployment and Hyper V


      Hi guys,


      I am trying to set-up a two-machine deployment and I am a bit clueless about servers in general so bare with me.


      Its a dedicated server that from what I know is just one physical machine. I am not so sure what is meant by a two-machine deployment thought, does it physically need 2 machines to work or just one with a virtualisation would be ok?


      Its a Windows Server 2012 by the way and it comes with Hyper V....all of which I have not previously used earlier than today.


      My other question is that, there would be up to 10 concurrent users to the database using WebDirect and may be slightly more like 2-3 more at particular times but these extras would log-in for short periods. Do I really need a two-machine deployment for this? FileMaker suggests this but I am not sure if someone had performance issues with single-deployment.


      Thank you all in advance!



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          A lot of the performance has to do with the complexity of your database, which you've given no details about. Data size, number/complexity of layouts/fields/tables/records, design, etc.. are all factors


          In terms of Hyper-V, you might see no performance benefit, and might actually see a performance loss, by trying to run the two servers simultaneously in VMS under the same hardware. The two machine deployment is optimized by two physical machines on the same subnet.


          If you want to stick with one server and are running a primarily WebDirect solution, I would pay for as much processor and RAM as you possibly can afford, and make sure the HDDs are quick as well.

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            thank you for the reply and sorry for not responding earlier.  Yeah I figured that a virtualisation would be of little help.



            The server hardware is basically this:


            PowerEdge R620 x8 Base, Intel® Xeon® E5‐26XX v2 Processors


            Intel® Xeon® E5‐2603v2, 1.8GHz, 10M Cache, 6.4GT/s QPI, T urbo, HT , 4C, 80W, DDR3‐1333MHz


            4 x 4GB UDIMM, 1600 MHz, Low Volt, Single Rank, x4 Data Width


            2x 500GB, SA T A, 2.5in, 7.2K RPM Hard Drive



            The database solution is using a 2-file separation, one for data and one for layouts. Its not too complex I would say at the moment, with fairly little calculations and data size would basically depend on user input i.e. there no continuous imports of data. Also very little use of containers and unstored calculations.



            Any more help is greatly appreciated!



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              Virtualization would be a good solution, but not on that hardware.  Hard drives are way too slow and the amount of RAM is mininal for what you have in mind.  Can't really make out from that description how many processors with how many cores each.