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ODBC Import fails on SOME computers

Question asked by deninger on Sep 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by deninger

I have several Macs running a FM Server hosted solution. This solution leverages data from a MS SQL Server by both ESS and ODBC Imports.


The Macs all have licenses (10 connection) for the ActualTech ODBC driver for MS SQL Server.


ESS works still on all of the macs within FM Pro. The ODBC Imports originally worked on all Macs, but now the imports have stopped working on two of these macs (no other changes were made to them).


If I go to the import table and manually execute valid SQL, the some Macs get records but other Macs get no records. Below I show a non-working mac doing a manual import. As you can see, the tables etc show within the Import screens (so the ODBC data source is providing information).

query.png mapping.pngfail.png


If I use a tool to execute the same exact SQL outside of FileMaker (like, I get the data returned that I expect. This seems to point to FM Pro being the problem.



I am most confused and have not been able to identify a problem anywhere. Any insights would be much appreciated!