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    RC_data_fms folder for backups


      I am currently looking for a way to back up my pdf files. Currently the database that holds the pdfs is over 13gb in size. What needs to happen is while on a server when the backup is run it needs to find the pdfs and place them in a rc_data_fms folder path.


      I have a server for testing and I created a copy of the file shortening it down to 42.7mb before uploading the main database and the attachments database. The main database is linked back to the attachments database as a related database for the files. Running a simple hourly backup only results in two files and no folder. How do I get the rc_data_fms file to appear and store the pdfs? I do NOT want to create any folders or any scripts, I want the server to create the folder path for me.

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          Nevermind, I figured out a way! Here's what I did.


          In another file I use I know that the attachments are already using the rc data fms folder. So I opened up manage database and I looked at the container field. The checkbox for store container data externally is checked, relative to [hosted location]/Files/starter. The radio button for open storage is selected, and the inputed path is Contact_Notes/Attachment.


          I replicated the same options for the attachment container field for the database on the test server, and the second I ran the back up I got the rc data fms file and all of my attachments were in the file.