DB Structure - Customer could be a person or company

Discussion created by fm_david on Sep 2, 2014
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I am writing a simple solution to track customers for projects.


Customers can either be a company or person.

Projects can have many customers.


So a project might have many people as customers, many companies as customers or a mix of both.



Project A could have customers:

John Smith and Billy Citizen (ie both people)


Project B could have customers:

John Smith and ABC Manufacturing LLC (ie a person and a company)


Project C could have customers:

XYZ Dental Clinic and Apple Inc (ie both companies)


I am proposing to have two tables for customers: PERSON and COMPANY.


My PROJECT table would join to customers like so:


PROJECT ----------------< CUSTOMER >------------- PERSON

>------------- COMPANY


Is this the best way to handle this? Or am I completely missing the obvious???


Thanks in advance