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    Relogin Suppressed




      I am trying to log in to a database as an admin and for some reason I cannot get the authentication to pop up so I can type in the user and password. I tried holding down the shift key but it seems that behavior has been suppressed somehow.

      Any ideas how to get around this so I can log in? Right now it's loggin me in and immediately treating me like a user with no priveleges whatsoever.


      Many thanks


      Running FM11 Advanced

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          Open the database with opened Script Debugger, and see what happens …


          Hudi wrote:

          I tried holding down the shift key but it seems that behavior has been suppressed somehow.


          It's shift on Windows, alt/option on OS X – just in case you're traveling x-plat and got confused …

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            thanks erolst,


            I was able to use the debugger after entering the admin credentials. You gave the idea to open the script from the debugger and place a Re-login script step so that I could log in to the database as an admin. I'm still puzzled as to why the shift key does not work (computer is windows).



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              Love the term “x-plat”.


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                Stephen Huston

                If this is a multi-file system, it's possible the file you want to open is already open in the background, in which case attempting to open it just pops it to the front without triggering any login process at all.

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                  You are indeed correct that it's multi file solution. However, I closed the file in question and opened it up independently of the "Master" file. It still will not allow me to force the authentication dialogue box with the Shift Key.


                  I'll get by using the debugger for now but I'm very curious about this behavior.



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                    I think Stephen's comment points to the real issue. From the context of the Master file, the related file is opened via whatever relationships or calcs require it to be opened. Even though you explicitly close it and then reopen it in your own way, in the meantime the Master file has slyly reopened it because it requires it, and so you are foiled. Try shutting down the Master file and then opening this file—I'll be surprised if you then have this authentication problem.

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                      Stephen Huston

                      I agree; if there is a TO for the external file in the Master file, that can be all it takes to pop the TO-file open in the background using the auto-enter credentials.


                      Try closing the secondary file, but then go to the Windows menu in the Master file, and check the Show> menu listing to see if it's listed there. If so, it's already open.