External, open storage container fields

Discussion created by DavidZakary on Sep 3, 2014
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I'm having trouble with extenral, open storage containers in FMS 13.


Background, I eventually need to be able to set a server script to do an Insert From URL to grab a text file of CSV data from a web service. I cannot import directly, I can only grab the file. The file will get saved to the server with the external container storage.


With the containers set to internal storage things work fine, but I cannot export the field contents on the Server. With external storage I'm getting an Error 852 - cannot write a file to external storage.


The destination folders exist, the persmissions on the folders are set to read/write, the container field storage options seem to be set correctly as well.


The reason for the open storage vs secure is that I need to be able to manipulate the files afterwards. Eventually we'll do an import of the CSV data from the file.


Any clues as to what I may be missing?



PS - tried with secure storage as well and still get the 852 error.


Dave Zakary