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    Matching fields to show activity entered in another set of fields.


      OK this is complicated and I can't get my head around it.

      I would appreciate any suggestions on how to make this work.


      Field Name (in italic)




      (Where Leaders are assigned to various Sports in each Period)


      Period 1 Period 2 Period 3


      Sport: Volleyball Soccer Basketball

      Leader1: John Amy John

      Leader2: Roger Rodger Steve

      Leader3: Sam Patty Patty




      (I want the Leader fields below to look up the contents of the fields above and show what each Leader is assigned to)


      LeaderName LNPeriod 1 LNPeriod 2 LNPeriod 3


      John Volleyball -- Basketball

      Amy -- Soccer --

      Rodger Volleyball Soccer --

      Steve -- -- Basketball

      Pam -- -- --

      Sam Volleyball -- --

      Patty -- Patty Patty




      What method can I use for the Leader Assignment Fields to find what each Leader has been assigned to in the Sports Program?

      Should the fields be in the same Table or in different Tables?


      I appreciate any help or suggestions on how to program this.


      Hank Tate