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Popover consistently crashes FM 13

Question asked by on Sep 3, 2014
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We have added a popover in one of our portal windows that was to track job progress. It originally worked fine with no issues. But then the database was opened inadvertently with FM 12 and the popover was clicked on. It did not work, which I would expect, but now when the database is opened in FM 13 and I attempt to edit the layout, FM crashes. This is consistent behavior.If I select the portal and try to do anything, it crashes. If I try to select the popover object by itself, it crashes. We were finally able to remove the issue by deleting the entire layout in the layout manager.


Has anyone else experienced this issue and how did you resolve it without deleting the layout?


Second, because the database has crashed several times, is there any maintenance or rebuilding that we should be doing?



Linda Carter