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    Have made a Custom Theme. Can I apply it to other layouts in the same file?

      Hi Folks,


      After watching Andrew Paulsen and Adam Ward's 2014 DevCon sessions, I'm trying to apply their wisdom to our solution which was reskinned some 18 months ago using the Warm Blue theme with lots of local styling applied to accomplish the chunking of fields and the look we wanted.


      Last week I went into one of those layouts, our main Customer layout, and converted all of the local styiing into named styles and saved them as a Custom theme.


      Now I want to apply that Custom Theme to the other layouts which also have the same original Warm Blue theme and similar local styling for fields, labels and buttons etc.


      What I see, however, is that when I change the theme of my next layout to the Custom Theme I saved earlier, none of the objects seem to inherit the named styles, even though their properties seem identical to those named in the Customer layout.


      In order to elminate the local styling it seems that each object has to be individually and manually reassigned to the named object style of the Custom Theme. This will be a unrewarding task but one that I could contemplate if it really was the only way.


      An alternative would be to rebuild each layout from scratch using my Custom Theme but as most are are heavily populated with fields etc. I'm not at all keen on that task.


      Is there a better way? Have I missed a key step?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Hi John,


          Also attended those two sessions—excellent each!—as well as some very useful discussions with Adam spread over a couple days. 


          My understanding is that your hunch is 100% correct.  When you apply your new theme, with those newly defined custom styles, to additonal layouts, FileMaker has no way of knowing which objects should be assigned those new styles (even though objects on the layout may have local formatting that matches the new custom styles).  You will have to go through and explicity assign the new custom styles to individual layout objects. Potentially painful (depending on how many layouts and objects), but surely easier than the alternative you've contemplated of rebuilding layouts from scratch!  Keep that Styles tab open, shift-click to select objects with identical local formatting, and assign away.


          I remember that Adam (maybe Andrew too) stressed the importance of thoughtful style naming, which will help the next time you reskin the solution.  Then, Bob Shockey—did you catch his session?—demoed reskinning.  It was highly dependent on consistent style naming between themes.





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            Hi Mark,


            Thank you for confirming my conclusion. So far I've only been able to select single objects to assign the named style, not the multiples "with identical local formatting" as you suggest.


            I did attend Bob Shockey's session. His is the next on my list to review.


            Hopefully in V14 they will be able to automate the reassignment as the necessary info is all there in the XML of the CSS as Adam clearly showed.

            That would surely be a great feature.





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              I can confirm Mark's observations based on my own experience. About the only time saver I've discovered so far is the ability to assign a style to a number of objects at once, as long as you intend them to have the same style. Other than that it's object by object, I'm afraid.