Removing Duplicates from Portals

Discussion created by mklimow on Sep 4, 2014
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What I am doing is creating a portal that stores what materials each supplier uses. Each supplier we have creates parts, and each part is created with a certain material. to link between part and material we used a direct link, but between supplier and part, we had to use a join table to hold the instances of the link, since they can have multiple suppliers, as well as we wanted a history. So i used the join table between part and supplier for the portal and am showing the material number that is linked to the part in the portal, but since different parts can use that material we end up with duplicates in the portal.

I am creating a portal that keeps on returning duplicates for each value. I am trying to find a way to remove the duplicates so it only shows each individual value.


I found this response on the web, but the discussion was closed a while ago. It looks like what I need to do for the portal, but I am unable to figure out how to put it together.


The Response is:


First create a calulated field that determines if the value has duplicates in other records. This requires duplicating the TO and then...

Then create a calculated field that will show the id field value only for the lowest numbered id based on the duplicated calculated field above.

Change your original link to the second field and this should exclude all of the duplicates since they will have no value in that field.

I will try this idea in my file and find out what exactly is needed.


If you can explain this response for find a better way for me to accomplish this, it would be a big help.