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    Conditional Formatting



      Can I have in a centralized layout conditional formating and then refer to that formating?


      If yes how?

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          I'm not entirely sure what you mean here. Can you elaborate with more detail on exactly what you're trying to accomplish?

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            Dear Mike,

            First of all thanks for all your replys - really cool.

            I have x number of fields over several layouts with several tables. I have the same field in different layouts with different tables and related together. I want to change one and all are then behaving the same way.

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              Well, depending on exactly how you're defining the conditions, you can make your calculation context-sensitive using several helpful functions:


              1) Self (this is often your best friend in Conditional Formatting)

              2) GetFieldName

              3) Get ( LayoutTableName )

              4) Evaluate ( )


              These functions will allow you to abstract your calculations so you can easily copy them from layout to layout without them breaking.


              Is that sort of what you're asking?

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                You make me smile

                When I programmed I was looking for get(conditional formating;fieldname) to have the colors, of text etc and formulas. But as I write now that can not work as how would FM know which field and in which layout.

                But that was what I wanted, to take all of the conditional formating, form the formula to the colors text etc etc.