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    PHP Get information on LimeLight CRM




      I'm wondering how I can built a PHP request running on the Filemaker server to get back informations from LimeLight CRM.

      I'm a beginner in PHP.

      LimeLight CRM have a API but it does'nt look user friendly.


      Anybody had done that before?

      Any experiences on it?


      Thank you


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          Executing PHP from within FileMaker itself is only possible via plugins, EG: scodigo SmartPill, or monkeybread. Otherwise you would have to set up a separate PHP site to access the limelight info, and then allow that to pass data to filemaker via an import, or something like Insert From URL.


          Limelight has a post/get/curl API that looks easy enough to use:



          What are your goals to integrate it? Since limelight is a CRM, what function does filemaker serve? Is the data flowing two-ways?


          It might be easier for you to find and talk to a consultant that has experience with this. Do you have a lot of PHP programming experience? What makes you think that it's not "user friendly"?

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            Thank for your prompt answer


            I'm a begginer in PHP, I use to work mainly with Filemaker fonctionalities or sometimes help other PHP programers to use Filemaker PHP API.


            We have many orders coming from differents locations: Phone mail, internet and many chargeback too and we are trying to built a centralized database in Filemaker for that.

            Most of the orders come through Limelight CRM but we manage the mail orders directly.


            Then I need to have thoses orders associate with the chargeback that we received directly (not going thrue Limelight).

            Same for some tracking informations.


            The purpose is to built an interactive solution between LimeLight CRM and Filemaker.


            I'll check the plugin next week.


            But I agree with you that a PHP consultant will be the best solution.

            It used to be like this in the previous contracts I did.