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    Yosemite and FileMaker Pro 11


      Has anyone tried running FileMaker Pro 11 under the Yosemite beta? If so, did it run, and were there any issues?


      I have clients who refuse to upgrade, and I have to continue to support their systems, so I need to know if I will need to setup a virtual environment to do this after upgrading to Yosemite.


      Thanks, in advance, for any information.


      --Dennis Chretien

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          Can't answer your question but... Are you expecting your clients to upgrade to Yosemite when it comes out? Seems a little strange since they don't want to upgrade Filemaker.

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            No, these clients won't be upgrading to Yosemite; their machines can't handle it. 


            I have one client, in particular, with dozens of 2nd and 3rd edition iMacs, along with some newer machines.  They can't upgrade the old iMacs past Tiger, so they're running FileMaker Pro 9.  I have a few other clients with machines that are too old to run Mavericks or Yosemite.  This is one of the hazards of Apple's reliability—fifteen year old machines are still working just fine, and they don't want to buy dozens of new machines.  (One by one, as they die, we replace them with newer machines, but that will still take a very long time, in some cases.)


            I'm the one will need to continue to run FileMaker Pro 11, so I can support their systems.  (Fortunatley, I just moved my last client who was on a version older than 7 to 13, so I don't have to worry about anything prior to that.)

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              On the Mac, it is not just an "Upgrade" issue, the problem is that any new mac will only run the latest OS.  So if a client needs to add a new terminal, they have no choice unless they buy used.

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                Now, that’s not entirely true. You can always “downgrade” a Mac. Worse comes to worse, you can create a USB boot disk with an older OS to boot into and install. I do it all the time.


                As a matter of fact, I’ll be downgrading my own workstation to 10.8, because Mavericks is not up to par.

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                  Not sure I agree here, while you can run different versions of an OS on a mac as you are referring to, when a new "MODEL" Mac ships it will have a minimum OS that will be allowed by the hardware (this is generally the Latest OS, as of the hardware release), I do NOT believe that, for example:  you could install 10.6 Snow Leopard on a 2013 MBP Retina. There are some cases where the OS refresh comes before the Hardware refresh, example: the current mac Mini, is a 2012 model which runs and often ships with Mountain Lion 10.8.


                  If you are talking about downgrading an older system that was upgraded, than yes this could be done.  When you say downgrading to 10.8 what system are you doing this on?  Is it a new released in 2013 model?

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                    I do agree with you about Mavericks... I went from Snow Leopard to Mavericks... While I do like the Screen sharing, in every other way I think Mavericks is a piece of crap.  I think if Steve Jobs was alive and healthy this piece of garbage would have been straightened out after the first month, and some people would have been fired.

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                      Stephen Huston

                      Dennis WANTS to install Yosemite on a Mac which will run it. The question was, does anyone know if FM11 will then run on it?


                      Many of us need to continue to support 11 and FP7 format files along with newer stuff. I am already tired of having to keep an OSX10.6 MacMini on the side to handle upgrading even older FM formats which still surface from time to time.


                      Will Yosemite cause another break in the chain of supporting older FM versions?

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                        I am running Yosemite on one of my Macs and FMA11 works fine. Of course, I don't spend much time at all in that version so YMMV.




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                          Hi wsvp,



                          Here's a good article with general guidelines and help on downgrading. If the minimum OS is what the machine ships with you might not be able to install an older OS. So, yes, I was referring to my own machine which came with 10.7 and now has 10.9, which will be gone after I write this, because it is garbage.


                          And, while Apple could get rid of the failed Maps guy, the miserably failed iOS 7 designer and the messed up OS Maverics's guy are still there.



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                            Thank you for the link to the article, Agnes.


                            The url got botched up a little bit in the post, but I was still able to get there, and the information could be very helpful to me.


                            I appreciate it -- thank you!





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                              Thank you very much.


                              That’s all I needed to know. 


                              Eventually, my clients’ older machines will die, or they’ll decide to upgrade anyway, and I’ll be able to move beyond the “legacy” stuff.  In the meantime, I’ll be able to stay up to date myself, and not have to worry about dual booting or virtual environments on the Mac side of things.


                              Thanks again.



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                                Once again, the real question, instead of tricking with downgrading or not, is How could Filemaker, an Apple subsidary, have let these issues while beta versions of Yosemite were running for months. It is non sense to my tiny brain . At least Filemaker should have officially warned ahead its developers and clients not to do anything until...

                                I do not care about the right time or not to upgrade to Yosemite. This point of view should not be. And as it has been said, what to do when buying new machines which is the case for instance for one of my new client.

                                More than a month to find an upgrade solution to the issues seems remarkable long for people who should be aware of Apple's core system. Or Don't mention the fact that Filemaker is a subsidary of Apple. And a computer is not always dedicated to One exclusive software. Sorry about that Filemaker guys.


                                But maybe the earth has suddenly become quare? God could have at least warned us...

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                                  Hi contactmip,


                                  these issues are not only occurring with OS X, they also happen in Windows world - NOTE: I am not starting a battle between OS X and Windows.


                                  Thing is more than often, when a new version of an OS is released, there are differences between the official release and the last beta. Second, FileMaker and others may have done zillion tests, nothing beats a user at finding issues.


                                  Those of you who care about compatibility of FM13 with Yosemite, please consult that page http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13966/~/filemaker-13-platform-and-os-x-yosemite-compatibility once in a while. And also check for an update to FileMaker 13.


                                  Regarding versions prior to 13, for sure FileMaker will not create a patch for Yosemite. It's the same for all software developers. But Apple could issue a patch that will repair bugs with older versions. Don't forget that software developers do not drive development of new versions of OS, even if a subsidiary.