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    Populate repeating field from List()




      could please anyone advice me why this Let function is not working as expected ?


      Let (

      [ $First = GetValue (List (T02_Partes_DETALLES_TRABAJADORES::Id_detalles_trabajador);1); //

      $Second = GetValue (List (T02_Partes_DETALLES_TRABAJADORES::Id_detalles_trabajador);2);

      $Third = GetValue (List (T02_Partes_DETALLES_TRABAJADORES::Id_detalles_trabajador);3);

      $myList = List ($First ; $Second ; $Third) ];

      GetValue ($myList ; Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) )



      When i use the Data Viewer, $First, $Second and $Third are correct, but $myList = $First !!!

      If i change 2 any variables ($First,$Second or $Third) for a constant or Text it works fine.


      i hope someone could help me out with this.





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          I've no idea why your calc doesn't work correctly – it does for me; and I couldn't observe that …

          renti wrote:

          $myList = $First !!!


          … but then in its current form the calculation is hard to debug …

          [ $First = GetValue (List (T02_Partes_DETALLES_TRABAJADORES::Id_detalles_trabajador);1); //

          $Second =  GetValue (List (T02_Partes_DETALLES_TRABAJADORES::Id_detalles_trabajador);2);


          You can make it much easier on the eyes (and any troubleshooting efforts) if you use Let() consequently:


          Let ( [

            myList = List (T02_Partes_DETALLES_TRABAJADORES::Id_detalles_trabajador) ;

            $First = GetValue (myList;1) ;

            // etc.


          Or you could do this:


          Let ( [

            myList = List ( T02_Partes_DETALLES_TRABAJADORES::Id_detalles_trabajador ) ;

            myList = LeftValues ( myList ; 3 )

            ] ;

            GetValue ( myList  ; Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) )



          or simply this:


          Let (

            i = Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ;

            Case (

              i < 4 ;

              GetNthRecord ( Extend ( T02_Partes_DETALLES_TRABAJADORES::Id_detalles_trabajador ) ; i )




          btw, why are you using $vars as Let() variables?

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            Hi Erolst,


            thanks for your reply, the code is much clear the way you wrote it.


            I used $vars to be able to track them from the data viewer for debugging.


            The point of the Let calculation is to populate a repeating field, each value of the calculation to a "cell" of the repeating field.


            I´m trying to do it working from this post: http://fmforums.com/forum/uploads/monthly_07_2012/post-80889-0-54620500-1341593871.png


            The problem is i´m not able to format the myList in the rigth way to work in the last sentence: GetValue ($myList  ; Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) )


            i can attach some screenshots on demand.



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              i´vent tried your last solution, but it works fine !!

              the 2 first only populate the first repeating field, like my code.


              thanks !!

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                What's the big picture here?

                Why are you using repeating fields?


                Why are you trying to populate them with a script variable - since a script variable disappears after you have run the script?