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Populate repeating field from List()

Question asked by renti on Sep 7, 2014
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could please anyone advice me why this Let function is not working as expected ?


Let (

[ $First = GetValue (List (T02_Partes_DETALLES_TRABAJADORES::Id_detalles_trabajador);1); //

$Second = GetValue (List (T02_Partes_DETALLES_TRABAJADORES::Id_detalles_trabajador);2);

$Third = GetValue (List (T02_Partes_DETALLES_TRABAJADORES::Id_detalles_trabajador);3);

$myList = List ($First ; $Second ; $Third) ];

GetValue ($myList ; Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) )



When i use the Data Viewer, $First, $Second and $Third are correct, but $myList = $First !!!

If i change 2 any variables ($First,$Second or $Third) for a constant or Text it works fine.


i hope someone could help me out with this.